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Next Meeting Date – May 23, 2024

Original Bond Exploration Information - 2022-2023

Forestville Union School District Board is considering asking the Forestville community to invest in a General Obligation Bond. This page is available to help the community understand and share as much information as possible.

In February, our construction team shared an updated facilities needs report, which identified approximately $6.5 million in current facilities needs, and last summer a solar provider proposed that installing solar panels to offset energy costs and install EV charging stations would cost approximately $1 million. 

So, to meet all our most critical current facilities needs, support student programs and reduce energy costs, the Board is now considering asking the Forestville community for another investment (i.e., a General Obligation bond) – but before then, we want to share as much information and gain as much feedback as we can! We’ll be holding a series of community meetings and reaching out to everyone in a variety of ways – so please attend or be in touch and let us know what you think! And thanks again!

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Click here to find all documents related to the 2022-2023 Bond Exploration in our document repository under School Governance/Board Documents->Bond Exploration 2022-2023