Student Medications

Authorization for Administration of Medication

Medical treatment is the responsibility of the parent and the family physician. Medications are rarely given at school. The parent is urged to work with the physician to plan a medication schedule for non-school hours. If it is an absolute necessity that medication be given at school:

  1. We MUST have a completed Authorization for Administration of Medication Form. The form must be filled out by a physician and be signed by the physician and a parent. (Education Code 49423)
  2. Medication must be in a pharmacy container, labeled with the student’s name; the name of the medication; proper dosage and instructions; name of the prescribing physician; name of the pharmacy or manufacturer who dispensed the medication.

These forms must be renewed each school year.

(This is also the policy for over the counter drugs, such as aspirin, eye drops, cough drops, etc.)

Click here to find the Medication Authorization Forms in our document repository under Parent/Family Documents->Medical Authorization Forms